About Sweet Pickles & Corn


Welcome to Sweet Pickles and Corn! We are a group of Korea-based bloggers writing about different facets of life in Korea; culture, events, news commentary, humor, personal essays, book reviews and other Korea-related brain droppings are all fair game.

Sweet Pickles and Corn was launched in 2013 and enjoyed a glorious two-year run before succumbing to the forces of day jobs, inertia, and the general life phenomenon known as “other things going on”. In 2017, we re-launched it with a tighter focus and a renewed commitment to crank out regular content that is of interest to us, and by extension, to anyone else with an interest in viewing Korea through different lenses.

Our humble aim is to inform, entertain, enlighten, and generate discussion, so please feel free to let us know what you think, either in the comments sections or by e-mail at sweetpicklesandcorn@gmail.com.



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